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Deo's TROPHY CASE 2000 Trophies

10/15/00 Marilyn surprised us today with this wonderful Christian Site Award. We are honored to be one of the first recipients of this new award and will always treasure it. You can visit Marilyn's site, Inglenook, by clicking on the award. She has put together a very cozy homepage where you will find several beautiful pages about our Lord and Savior, family, genealogy, household and gardening tips, home remedies, cooking, and even some fun games to play. Take a moment to visit her pages and enjoy!


Thank you so much, Marilyn!
A wonderful award with an important message to spread.

9/2/00 JokerV (Bruce) from Bruce's Place has been kind enough to make this beautiful award for us! Doesn't it look awesome? Bruce's site is a great place to get help building your own homepage. You can find quick coding help here, as well as midis, a super selection of F-Key tools, and some great banner blanks, award blanks and button sets. And here's the coolest part. Bruce will personalize a banner or award just for you. It's a great service and he does a really nice job. So check out his site by clicking on the award below!

Bruce's Place

Thanks so much, Bruce.
Receiving this award was a wonderful surprise!

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