Spera in 
Deo's TROPHY CASE 1999 Trophies

Look what a nice surprise was waiting for me in my mailbox this morning, 8/25/99 - Jeanne's Heavenly Site Award! Jeanne has a wonderful collection of images on her site. Everything you need for your homepage - lines, bars, backgrounds and gifs. Plus some very cute personal pages as well about her family. Stop by her site and take a look.

Jeanne's Heavenly Site Award

Thanks so much, Jeanne, for such a beautiful award!

I just got back from vacation (8/23/99) and look what I found buried in my inbox amongst three weeks worth of SPAM - a very special award from Moxnix! Makes going through all the email worthwhile, after all. : ) Click on the award to go to Mox's Place - a family friendly site honoring our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, Mox's wife, Patrice, and their children....in that order. A man with his priorities straight! I've always liked his site and I think you will enjoy it, too.

Mox's Christian 
Website Award

Thanks Mox! This award means alot to me especially because it came from you.

Over the 4th of July weekend, we received this awesome Pages for Christ Award in our email from Linda. What a nice surprise! Click on the award to visit her site.* You will find lots of great Christian pages including a Noah's Ark sing-a-long page for kids and a friendly country atmosphere. She's got adorable teddy bear graphics, too. I love bears!

*Update 8/02 - Linda's site has either been moved or taken offline. If you know the new address for this website, please let us know. Thanks!

Pages for 

Thank you, Linda, for this beautiful award!

On 6/8/99 we received the Snow Angel Award from Ben Ben (Brenda) - isn't it beautiful? Her site is beautiful, too. It is a Christian family oriented site with the cutest angel graphics you ever did see with links to find some for your own site, too. My favorite page at Ben-Ben's is her tribute to her dad. An important reminder to spend time with those you love and let them know you care while you have the time together!

Snow Angel 

Thanks so much for this award, Ben Ben!

Today, 5/31/99, Brenda gave us this beautiful award. The Bren-Hur Award. Wow! Cool - I love it! Brenda's Webpage is all about God's Love. It's an excellent site. Give her a visit by clicking on the award. You'll be glad you did.

Bren-Hur Award

The Bren-Hur Award

Thanks so much, Brenda!!

Spera in Deo has been blessed with this cute award by the kindness of George, aka "Cubby Bear". Our first award. We will treasure it. Visit "Cubby Bear's" by clicking on the award.

Bear's Award

Thanks, George! :)

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