John F.
MacArthur, Jr.

John F. MacArthur, Jr.

1939 -

Dr. John F. MacArthur, Jr., pastor of Grace Community Church, Sun Valley, California, is a well-known Bible teacher, best selling author, and popular conference speaker.

MacArthur studied at Bob Jones University, Los Angeles Pacific College and prepared for the ministry at Talbot Theological Seminary where he graduated with high honors. He was ordained by the Independant Fundamental Churches Of America and has been in the ministry for over 40 years.

MacArthur is President of The Master's College and Seminary. His Grace To You radio program is heard over hundreds of stations around the world on a daily basis. You can also listen over the Internet. (Click on the Grace to You link below.) Millions of his audio cassettes and publications have been distributed worldwide. He is a very prolific writer. It was difficult for us to decide on just a few of his books to showcase here.

John and his wife, Patricia, have four children, eight grandchildren, and live in Santa Clarita, California.

Of all the authors we have featured here, Dr Mac is probably our very favorite. He preaches and writes in a verse by verse expository style which we think is the best way to teach God's Word. He is basically a Calvinist, but differs from most Calvinists as far as eschatology goes, holding to a dispensational view. Most Calvinists tend to take an amillennial or postmillennial view. (Yours truly differs from all three of these views. Call me an historic premillennialist. We cannot agree with everyone all the time!) Yet we have learned much from MacArthur and hope you will, as well.

The Gospel According To Jesus: What Does Jesus Mean When He Says "Follow Me"? In this revised and expanded edition, MacArthur further explains his understanding of biblical faith and works, and reinforces his conviction that there is no eternal life without surrender to the Lordship of Christ. Ashamed Of The Gospel/When The Church Becomes Like The World. Here is a message the church must not ignore: that we dare not be ashamed of communicating the convicting message of the Gospel. That we dare not candy coat it or make the church so user-friendly that the preaching of God's Word is compromised.

Twelve Ordinary Men Jesus chose twelve ordinary men to be His disciples - fishermen, tax collectors, politcal zealots - regular guys. He turned their weaknesses into strengths. MacArthur draws principles from Christ's hands-on training of His original disciples and applies them to His modern day disciple - YOU! Twelve Extraordinary Women Think women are not as important as men in God's plan? Think again! From Eve, Sarah, Rahab, Ruth and Hannah to Mary, Anna, Mary Madgelan and more, it wasn't their natural qualities that made these women extraordinary but the power of the one true God whom they worshipped and served. MacArthur brings out fascinating information about these women. You'll discover-perhaps for the first time-the unmistakable chronology of God's redemptive work in history through their lives. These women were not ancillary to His plan, they were at the very heart of it. New from Nelson (Nov. 2005).

Charismatic Chaos A biblical evaluation of the charismatic movement. This movement has had a big impact on the church in the last few decades. MacArthur analyzes the doctrinal differences between charismatics and non-charismatics in the light of scripture. Charismania weighed in the balance and found wanting. Drawing Near Knowing God's peace, discovering God's will, finding forgiveness, true success. These are just a few of the many topics MacArthur covers in this daily devotional. Designed to go through the Bible in a year, each daily passage highlights a portion of Scripture and draws a key principle from it. Draw near to God!

The Glory Of Heaven: The Truth About Heaven, Angels and Eternal Life Speculation about angels, near-death experiences, and the afterlife abound in our contemporary society. But what is the real truth about heaven and eternal life? Taking you on a journey through Scripture, MacArthur dispels secular myth and offers you a biblical glimpse of your heavenly home. The MacArthur Bible Commentary This commentary is thorough, addressing every passage of the Old and New Testament phrase by phrase. Hundreds of word studies, charts, outlines, etc. These are basically the same notes that can be found in the sidebar in the MacArthur Study Bible (see below). If you have the MacArthur Study Bible you don't need this, but if you don't have it and don't want to buy another Bible, then this is a fantastic reference to have!

More Favorites

We already offer two wonderful works by MacArthur in our Bible and Study Helps Bookstore. These are both excellent for indepth Bible Study.

Just a few more titles we think are especially good and well worth your while.

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