John Bunyan

John Bunyan

1628 - 1688

Bunyan's Computer by Pastor Buddy Smith. This is a short article about Bible study, study helps and John Bunyan. Puts things nicely in perspective. It's located at The South Pacific Anchor's site - a Baptist publication. There are other articles there, too. This is the article that prompted us to choose Bunyan as one of our featured authors.

Get an idea of what Pastor Smith is taking about - Bunyan's knowledge and understanding of Scripture and how he studied the Bible - by reading some of John Bunyan's work yourself. Of course, the best known of all Bunyan's works is The Pilgrim's Progress. I hadn't read this book since I was a child until recently...and since I'd read it as a child, I suppose I thought it was "for children". Boy was I wrong. I got so much more out of it as an adult. I could really relate to many of the characters and the situations they found themselves in on the road to their desired country. This book is a classic that still has much wisdom to offer pilgrims in this world today.
Read a public domain version here The Pilgrim's
Progress Get your own copy by clicking here
If you have a hard time reading books written in the seventeenth century, try The Pilgrim's Progress In Today's English instead. (James H. Thomas is the contributor/updater).

The Pilgrim's Progress in Today's English

If you've read and enjoyed The Pilgrim's Progress you would probably also like The Holy War. This is another of Bunyan's works in the allegorical genre, in which the City of Mansoul (symbolizing the human soul) is besieged by Diabolus (guess who?) and delivered by Emmanuel (God with us).

Read Holy War online and/or Buy Holy War now

Or try this one:

Your Victory In Christ

Grace Abounding To The Chief Of Sinners
Here's another pretty well-known book by John Bunyan. Actually it's like his autobiography although it doesn't go into detail on all of his life. I guess it would make sense to call it an autobiography of his spiritual life. A wonderful picture of how Christ can take a miserable sinner and give him new life abundantly. You can either
read it online OR order it here.

If you'd like to read a short online biography of Bunyan, try this page at Britain Express UK - yes, it's a travel site, but they have a very nice piece on Bunyan's life.

The Pilgrim's Page (A John Bunyan Archive) is a great resource. They are attempting to put all of Bunyan's works online in various formats. There's a lot of good stuff there already. Check it out!

You can read Bunyan's own account of his imprisonment online by clicking right here.

Last, but not least, you can read Bunyan's last sermon online. Click here and enjoy!

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