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Dr. R. C. Sproul once wrote something to the effect that if they would reprint all the old classic works of the Christian faith and the works of the Puritans he would quit writing books. Since that time many of the classics of the faith as well as many of the Puritans writings have been reprinted and continue to be reprinted or republished. I am thankful for that. But I sure am happy that R. C. is still writing books! We need a great theologian for our day, too. Sproul has the gift of taking lofty theological concepts and putting them into language a layman can understand, adding in some personal experiences to illustrate their application to our lives and all the while giving the book a devotional quality, too! I've put together a list of some of his best works here and added several links at the bottom of the page where you can read some of his shorter articles online. Enjoy!

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My Favorites

These three books, The Holiness Of God, The Glory Of Christ, and The Mystery Of The Holy Spirit are what I call Sproul's Trilogy on the Trinity. The Holiness of God: This book will bring you face to face with God in all His awesome Holiness. It may have you trembling in dread and fear, saying with Isaiah the prophet, "...Woe is me! for I am undone; because I am a man of unclean lips, and I dwell in the midst of a people of unclean lips: for mine eyes have seen the King, the LORD of hosts." (Isaiah 6:5) And that's a good thing because the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom! The Glory of Christ: Examines the life, Person and Deity of Jesus Christ in all His Glory. You'll gain a deeper understanding of many key events such as the Transfiguration, His triumphal entry in to Jerusalem, the Cross, the Resurrection, the Ascension and more. The Mystery Of The Holy Spirit: Many believers these days way over-emphasize certain gifts of the Spirit, others, perhaps in reaction to charismania, underemphasize the Third Person of the Trinity Himself. Sproul draws both sides back to a balanced doctrine of the Spirit. Read one...you'll want to read them all.

For Kids

The Priest With Dirty Clothes: A Timeless Story of God's Love and Forgiveness. R. C. teams up with Liz Bonham to offer an allegorical story for kids based upon the story of Joshua the High Priest in the book of Zechariah. A priest who is on the way to speak before the king has an accident and gets his clothes dirty. He can't appear before the king in that condition. Enter the Prince who gives the ultimate gift to him....his own clothes! There is also a dual story here where two children get dirty and their grandfather takes the opportunity to tell them about Jesus and how He cleans their hearts and covers their sins. For kids age 9 to 90+.

For Teens

Ultimate Issues. Here's a book for teens that will help them to look at life's "ultimate issues" through a Christian worldview giving them a firm foundation in the midst of the storm in the sea of ideas popular today.

Good Theology

Saved From What Are you saved? Saved from what? God. That's "What"! God is Holy and He hates sin. Christ saves us from the wrath of God. Sproul explains why God sent an innocent Man to die for the guilty. Man cannot understand God's Grace in Salvation without understanding God's Holiness. The Soul's Quest For God Christ Jesus has promised that all who seek Him will find Him. This book is about the seeking, the finding and the using of the means of grace that God has provided for us to grow ever closer to Him.

Chosen By God A straight forward, well-reasoned, Biblical presentation of the Reformed Doctrine of Election. Sproul convincingly argues the Calvinist position while treating Arminians with respect and Christian love. Knowing Scripture One of Sproul's earliest books (1977) but one of his most important! He wrote it early in his career, hoping to encourage Christians to dedicate themselves to a systematic study of the Scriptures. This is a great guide for the layman! Sproul gives us 10 rules for Biblical Interpretation and explains each one in detail. Check it out!

Essential Truths Here Dr. Sproul expounds over 100 doctrines of the Christian Faith in language laymen can understand! Almighty Over All Understand God's Sovereignty. God is always in control. Any doctrine that puts man in control instead is false. Sovereignty is key!

Mighty Christ - Touching Glory answers the all important question that Jesus asked His disciples, "Who do you say that I AM?". This little book covers the life, Person and Work of Christ by giving you a deeper understanding of the meaning of all the titles of Christ...Son of Man, Bishop of our souls, Messiah, Lord, etc. Very enlightening! Grace Unknown A very clear exposition of the Reformed Faith.

Pleasing God Here Sproul covers Sanctification. Another good one! Now, That's A Good Question R. C. answers tough questions on doctrinal points as well as on various contemporary issues such as evolution, abortion, euthanasia and more.

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All of the above online excerpts and articles are found at a great website, Rich's Home Page Of Reformed Theology. Besides all this wonderful stuff from Sproul he has tons more from authors past and present such as Thomas Boston, John Calvin, Jonathan Edwards, John Flavel, Martin Luther, John Owen, A. W. Pink, Charles Spurgeon, B. B. Warfield, George Whitefield, Lorraine Boettner, James Boice, Michael Horton, D. Martin Lloyd-Jones, J. I. Packer and way too many more to list them all! Why not visit Rich's place and check them all out for yourself. You'll be glad you did!

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Ligonier Ministries, Home of  Renewing Your Mind - Online

Don't forget to stop by Ligonier Ministries' website, Renewing Your Mind Online. This is Dr. R. C. Sproul's ministry. They have a daily radio broadcast and you can listen to it any time right from their site. Web TVers their real audio will work for you! Plus they have a forum for discussion, Bible studies, many excerpts from their award winning TableTalk magazine and alot more. Check it out.

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