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A. W. Pink

1886 - 1952

Arthur Walkington Pink was born in Great Britain in 1886. Eventually he immigrated to the United States to study at the Moody Bible Institute. He later pastored churches in California, Colorado, Kentucky and South Carolina. In 1919, he became somewhat of an itinerate Bible teacher, even traveling down under for a time. In 1934, he returned to his homeland, Scotland, taking up residence on the Isle of Lewis, where he lived until his death in 1952.

Most of Pink's works originally appeared as articles in Studies In Scriptures, a monthly magazine dealing strictly with Biblical exposition. The magazine never had many more than 1000 subscribers, but Pink found out that many of those who did subscribe were ministers with flocks of their own who passed on what they learned from Pink's exposition to their pastorate, giving him a trickle down effect. He cherished that thought. On the surface Pink's ministry and his writings didn't seem to be of much effect, but now that he has passed on, he is much more widely known and read than when he was with us. Kind of reminds me of something he once wrote in Elijah:

How many ministers of the Gospel have become thoroughly discouraged, though with far less provocation than Elijah. They have been untiring in their labours, zealous for the Lord, faithful in preaching His Word, yet nothing comes of it, there is no response, all appears to be in vain. Even so, granted that such be the case, then what? Seek to lay hold afresh on the grand truth that the purpose of the Lord shall not fail, and that purpose includes tomorrow as well as today! The Most High is not confined to any one agent. Elijah thought the whole work was to be accomplished through his instrumentality, but was taught that he was only one factor among several. Do your duty where God has stationed you: Plow up the fallow ground and sow the seed, and though there be no fruit in your day, who knows but an Elisha may follow you and do the reaping.

Pink faithfully did his sowing of the seed. You may reap the benefits.

The Sovereignty Of God Pink writes, "The doctrine of God's sovereignty lies at the foundation of Christian theology...It is the centre of gravity in the system of Christian truth." I couldn't agree more. Sovereignty is key and this book will explain it in detail. This is one of my very favorite books ever. I learned so much from it. I hope you will, too. Preview Online. The Attributes Of God. An explanation of many of God's attributes, His solitariness, decrees, knowledge, foreknowledge, supremacy, sovereignty, immutability, holiness, power, faithfulness, goodness, patience, grace, mercy, love, wrath, and contemplation. This is one of Pink's best works in my opinion. Enjoy! Preview Online.

An Exposition Of The Sermon On The Mount A major work. 64 chapters covering Matthew 5-7 in verse by verse expository fashion. It answers just about any question that can be raised about Christ's Sermon on the Mount. Very thorough look at the most important sermon every delivered with very practical applications for today. Preview Online. The Nature Of God Our God is an awesome God. He has the absolute power to utterly destroy those who violate His order, yet He sent His Son to suffer and die for us instead. Who can understand this great God? Pink helps increase your understanding by exploring the essence, awe, and glory of our loving heavenly Father. Another good read!

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