Pop Quiz on the Book of Job

1. Who wrote the book of Job?

Job, of course!
Ancient sources say Moses did.
Abraham is the man.

2. The patience of Job is referred to in which New Testament book?


3. What is the overall theme of the book of Job?

All suffering is punishment for sin
God's purposes in human suffering

4. What are the names of Job's three friends?

Eliphaz Bildad and Zophar
Bildad Elihu and Cush
Linken Blinken and Nod

5. Where did Job reside?


6. Elihu was descended from?

Nahor brother of Abraham

7. Job's three friends say suffering is a direct result of sin. What does Elihu suggest?

It is all the devil's fault.
God is unfair.
Suffering is sent to keep men from sinning.

8. God speaks to Job

out of a whirlwind.
from a burning bush.
in a dream

9. We learn from the book of Job that Satan

does whatever he so desires to men.
must get God's permission to afflict men.
does not exist.

10. God restores Job's fortunes when

he prays for his friends.
he curses the day he was born.
he sacrifices a lamb.

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