Haddon Spurgeon

Charles Haddon Spurgeon

1834 - 1892

Spurgeon is known as the "Prince of Preachers". Usually I would give you a short bio here but there are full length biographies of Spurgeon available on the net. Click here to read a good one, Charles Haddon Spurgeon - A Biography by W. Y. Fullerton, hosted at the Spurgeon Archive. Instead, I'd like to offer you an account of his conversion in his own words. Click here to read that. Spurgeon was a prolific preacher and his sermons were recorded, published and continued to be published long after his death. There are many books available and many of his sermons can be found on the Internet. It was hard to choose from so many good selections - which books to recommend and what sites to offer links to. I chose six of my favorite Spurgeon volumes and linked to what I believe are the best of the Spurgeon sites. I hope you will enjoy them.

Background music: Amidst Us Our Beloved Stands. Lyrics by C. H. Spurgeon. Score by Lowell Mason.

Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ: The History, Ceremony and Prophecy As Told In The Old Testament. Following His resurrection, on the road to Emmaus, Jesus explained to two of His disciples how Moses and the Prophets (aka The Old Testament) clearly presented "things concerning himself". In that vein, Spurgeon presents 60 studies on the historical, ceremonial and prophetic aspects of those teachings about and word pictures (types) of Christ found in the Old Testament.

The Treasury Of David: Spurgeon's Great Commentary On Psalms by C. H. Spurgeon; updated by Roy H. Clarke. Originally in 7 volumes, this is Spurgeon's Magnum Opus, twenty years in the making. Now abridged in one volume and updated to today's language. Consists of exposition of the Psalms by Spurgeon, notes on the Psalms by others which he appended and outlines for pastors. And there are even a few racy comments included. Check it out!

Morning And Evening Twice daily devotionals for every day of the year, each with a passage of Scripture and a meditation. Begin and end the day contemplating God's Word with Spurgeon. Get your own copy or click here to read them online with us.

The Power Of Prayer The Power Of Prayer In A Believer's Life by C. H. Spurgeon; Robert Hall (Editor). Long before the days of "user-friendly mega churches" (ugh!), Spurgeon was packing them in by the thousands. His secret? The power of prayer! Do you have it? Why not exercise it?

I would be remiss if I didn't include two of my favs:

These are both collections of sermons on many of the men and women who populate the pages of the Bible. Spurgeon studies their characters, pointing out key principles for living that extend even to our generation. Enjoyable reading!

Spurgeon in Cyberspace

The Spurgeon Archive
Biggest collection of Spurgeon on the WWW.
The Spurgeon Library
at William Jewel College (online version at the Spurgeon Archive).
The Spurgeon Collection Tour
A virtual look at Spurgeon's personal library.
Spurgeon's Sermons
Courtesy of Bath Road Baptist Church.
The C. H. Spurgeon Collection
A large collection of sermons at the Bible Bulletin Board.
Morning and Evening
Get your daily meditations with Spurgeon right here.

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